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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hurry! First Come, First Served - "July 2012 Best Values"!

Did you think we were making this up?  The July Best Values Catalog -- Yes.  It's really here and you would be well-advised to get your requests in early...while supplies last!

Shipping is FREE (minimum $25 order). Some of the products you'll find include - Party & decorating, personal care, clothing & jewelry, domestic (food related, collectibles, furniture & interior decorating), toys and sporting goods, educational & craft supplies, office & electronics and maintenance items.

For more information on how to make the most of your NAEIR membership, see our Helpful Hints in the back of this catalog.  Obviously you can't do that if you're ordering online.  Just give us a call at (800)-562-0955.  Our friendly NAEIR representatives will be happy to help!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Check out our "eye-popping" brand new look and awesome shopping features on the NEW NAEIR website. See just how easy it is to request items online and get faster delivery! 

EXPRESS-Over 50 NEW items added TODAY -Available for shipping and handling only 
BIG BOOK -Available for Premier Members only –The Summer Catalogs were mailed on Wednesday 6/6/12 so you should have your catalog by now. Make your requesting process easy and go online and view and request all of the Summer Catalog items. BEST VALUES CATALOG 
JULY 2012 Best Values – Will go ONLINE this Friday, 6/29/12 with FREE Shipping 
JUNE 2012     Best Values – ONLINE NOW with FREE Shipping 
MAY 2012 Best Values – FREE Shipping – ONLY ONE MORE DAY LEFT TO REQUEST FROM THIS CATALOG ONLINE - Deadline date is 6/28/12
SPECIALS - The Special Offers catalog is in the mail, but items are available ONLINE RIGHT NOW 

TO VIEW WHAT'S AVAILABLE, click here and go directly to our website or go to Enter your Login ID and Password in the upper right hand corner.  Select which catalog of items you want to view first or browse by category if you're looking for something specific. Questions?  Need to get signed up to see what's available?  Call your Advocate at 800-562-0955 and select option 3 or send an email to

Monday, June 25, 2012

NOYO - NAEIR Overstock, Your Opportunity!

NAEIR Overstock is an OOP (Online Only Program).  Actually, for the record, we don't refer to it as an OOP.  I just thought that OOP sounds cute and catchy and that my use of it here might inspire others at NAEIR (and maybe even you) to adopt it.  I wouldn't bet the farm on it never know.  

Back to Overstock - They're NAEIR's high quantity items offered online on a first come, first served basis.  The benefit to ordering through Overstock is that if you see it, we have it and it ships ASAP.  

Also, if an item is out of stock, our online access will tell you and more than likely - we'll have something similar that you can order instead.

Yes, there's a small handling charge when requesting these particular items, but ordering these products online guarantees you'll get them and even more quickly than if you were to request them through the "Big Book" Catalog you get in the mail.

In general, you should probably make it a habit of going to the NAEIR website frequently to see what new and valuable products we have available - whether through the "Big Book", Best Value, Express, Clearance, or Specials Catalogs. The savings are not to be missed and available to you right now.

Watch for Emails specifically alerting you when Overstock items become available.  We feature Overstock about five times a year.  It's not active right now but it will be in a few short weeks - Mid-July.

When they hit, you'll want to seize the opportunity!