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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Great Value for Schools, Churches, and Nonprofit Organizations

NAEIR membership is providing a fantastic value to schools, religious organizations, and nonprofit organizations located across the United States.  When your organization is a member of NAEIR’s unique gifts-in-kind program, you have access to millions of dollars in brand new, free merchandise for use in your organization or to give directly to those that you serve.  After paying a small membership fee to participate in the program, all NAEIR members have to pay to receive products are nominal handling charges plus shipping to get the items to their organizations – and you don’t even have to pay the shipping cost if you come to our Galesburg, Illinois facility and pick up your merchandise.

NAEIR merchandise is offered through large catalogs, where member’s requests are processed through our allocation system, special offer flyers, mini catalogs, and through NAEIR e-xpress our on-line requesting site.  Some members participate in virtually every offer, others pick and choose – the more committed the member, the more the member receives.

So just how much of a value is NAEIR to member organizations?  We took a random sample of four member organizations – not the most active members, not the least active members – just four average members and conducted a little return on investment study.

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Member number one was a ministry located in Monroe, Ohio.  During the past year, this organization received merchandise valued at $61,583 from the large catalogs, $5,599 from the special offers program, $579 from the mini catalogs, and $19,644 through NAEIR e-xpress.  That’s a total of $87,405 worth of merchandise and the member only had to pay a total of $4,666 in shipping, handling, and membership fees to acquire the products – a 19 to 1 return on their investment.

The second member in our study was a housing services organization located in McLoud, Oklahoma.  This member received gifts-in-kind products valued at $10,640 through the special offers program, $1,083 from the mini catalogs, and $5,243 through NAEIR e-xpress.  A respectable total of $16,966 in brand new product to be used by and given to the clients served by this housing services organization.  And how much did the member have to pay in shipping, handling and membership fees for all of this merchandise?  Only $3,450 -- a 5 to 1 return on their investment.

Member number three was a church located in Zephyhills, Florida.  This member received $35,857 in products during the past year.  The merchandise included $25,447 from the large catalogs, $2,689 worth of products from the special offers program, $1,639 from the mini catalogs, and $6,082 through NAEIR e-xpress.  The total investment that this church made to receive the over $35,000 worth of merchandise was only $3,808 – a 9 to 1 return.

Our final member in the study was a school from Staunton, Illinois.  The school received in-kind, donated merchandise valued at over $50,000 from the large catalogs, $3,816 from the special offers program, $626 from the mini catalogs, and $5,943 through NAEIR e-xpress.  This school really made out big using the large catalogs.  In total, the school received $60,473 of budget saving products, classroom supplies, and items to support their teachers, and give to the students that attend their school.  And how much did this haul cost the school?  Total shipping, handling, and membership fees for the year of only $2,238 – that’s a 27 to 1 return on the school’s investment!

In total, the four members in our study received over $200,000 of gifts-in-kind merchandise for their organizations through their memberships in NAEIR during the past year.  They paid a total of $14,163 to acquire this merchandise for their organizations – that includes shipping, handling, and the cost of the membership fees – overall a total of $14 worth of brand new, budget stretching products for every dollar that they spent.

So what are you waiting for?  Call our membership enrollment department at (800) 562-0955 and find out if your school, church, or nonprofit is eligible for membership in NAEIR’s gifts-in-kind program.  Who knows what kind of incredible value you can achieve for your organization and your clients that depend so much on the services that you provide.

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