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Friday, May 13, 2011

14 Tips on Membership Success & Requesting Free Products

What our data tells us about members who have a successful experience with NAEIR where the member recoups the cost of membership by obtaining $3,600 on average per catalog. For yearly members there are five catalogs and for ten month members there are four catalogs. That is $18,000 and $14,400 per year of free products per member, respectively. Members who get this kind of value from the membership are far more likely to renew and these type of members have followed the below tips.

Factors of a Successful Membership with NAEIR:
  1. Route the NAEIR catalog to all the departments in your organization as soon as you receive it.
  2. Get everyone involved right away. MS Word File: Routing Request Form for Personnel
  3. You get one request per catalog so make it count.
  4. For first year members don’t feel like you’re being greedy. Each member has the same right to the products whether or not you’ve been a member for 20 years (yes we have many of these) or it’s your first year. It’s just that the 20 year member has honed their requesting practices.
  5. The value in the catalog is NOT the price but the actual savings you will garner per the quantity. For example if an item cost $20 and you request one and receive it you’ll save $20, if you request 5 and get four out of the allocation your saved value will have been $80. So open that catalog back up and begin requesting it.
  6. Request as many items as possible and make sure to take advantage of your 60 Preferred Items.
  7. Stock up and think ahead, are there any items you will need in the future.
  8. Think Outside of the box, be creative. There are so many uses for these free products.
  9. Get your request back to NAEIR as soon as possible for a faster turnaround time.
  10. All items are free you just pay the handling charges plus shipping if not picked up at the Galesburg, Il warehouse.
    • Pay $49 for handling when total product value ranges from $0 - $1000
    • Pay $99 for handling when total product value ranges from $1001 - $5000
    • Pay $149 for handling when total product value is greater than $5000
  11. Think of the items that will be able to help you cut cost on routine items as well to help you expand and do more. By saving on routine items you can refine your budget for more unique purposes.
  12. Ensure you are marking your preferred items. You get up to 60 options.
  13. Take advantage of each catalog and don’t wait until the last minute. Most email systems in today’s world have the ability to schedule reminders. Use those reminders to reinforce the deadline of the catalog. Try creating a reminder at the intervals of two weeks, 1 week, 2 days, 1 day and same day. This way when you get to busy you are constantly aware of the catalog expiration and you can make time to follow up with the rest of the personnel to submit the final request. That said return it as soon as possible.
  14. Encourage organizations in your non-profit network to become a member and receive $99 off handling for each referral known as our “Member Get a Member” program. This has unlimited potential when considering your savings as a member.
The "VALUE" you see in the catalog would be the saved value were this item to be purchased from a store

Ideas that may help in assessing your needs and that of your community.
  • Gift bags – use for baby showers, to give gifts for new members/visitors or volunteers
  • Clothing – to support needy in the community, women’s shelter
  • Paper plates, cups, napkins/party supplies – events, meals, kids snacks
  • Hardware –  upkeep on building, community service projects (helping low income or elderly make repairs to their homes)
  • Personal Care items/make up – donations to support women’s shelter, spa day for women’s group, self esteem/hygiene training for girls.
  • Labels – General office supply use
  • Painting supplies, upkeep of building, community service projects
  • Picture Paper, projects for kids
  • Pencils/novelty pens – office, supplies for kids, giveaways, school supply giveaway
  • Plumbing supplies – upkeep for building, community service projects
  • Tools – upkeep of building, giveaway items for men’s groups
  • Christmas Cards – Sent to sick and shut in’s, troops, kids activity
  • Inspirational Books – Stock library, giveaway items
  • Kids Costumes – play items for kids
  • Craft paint and stamps – activity for kids
  • Journals – giveaway items
  • Scrapbook items – activity for kids, women’s group
  • Christian CD’s – giveaway item, stock library
  • Flash drives – office use, giveaway item for teens who get good grades
  • Stickers – activity for kids
  • Markers/Notepads – office use, giveaway items, door prizes
  • Pens/ring binders  - office use, school supply giveaway
  • Push pins – supplies for bulletin board
  • Rulers – school supply giveaway
  • Tape – office use
  • Flashlights – door prizes for men’s group, giveaway items, emergency kits
  • Artificial flowers – women’s group activity, kids craft project
  • Backpacks/Tote bags – school supply giveaways, rewards for kids who get good grades, support women’s shelter
  • Barbie Cameras, doll sets, footballs, Frisbees, children’s games party favors, kaleidospopes  – prizes for kids
  • Mailing envelopes – general office use


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