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Friday, January 1, 2010


3M Corporation calls itself a multiproduct, multitechnology, multimarket, and multinational company. There are over 40 divisions within this organization and each division is responsible for its own bottom line. Some of the products that 3M is responsible for producing are, tape, sandpaper, abrasives, overhead projection systems, electrical/electronic connectors, telecommunications equipment, adhesives, Post-It Notes, and many other products for the do-it-yourselfer. 3M, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, also has a broad line of surgical tapes, dressings, bandages, and innovative drug delivery systems.
With all of the products that they manufacture, 3M has times when they have issues with excess inventory. 3M turned to a tried and true method of distributing its donated inventory--NAEIR. NAEIR, the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources, accepts donations of overstock, slow selling and discontinued products from U.S. businesses and redistributes them to schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations nationwide. The companies that donate, earn an above cost federal income tax deduction that can be up to twice the cost of the goods.
“We have a program in which we donate our products to schools and nonprofits in Minnesota,” said Kelli Novak, 3M’s Volunteer Program Coordinator. “But when it comes to distributing our products across the entire country, we rely on established networks like NAEIR.”
With a donation history that goes back to 1985 and over 100 individual donations, 3M ranks as one of NAEIR’s oldest and most generous contributors.
Novak, who coordinates the donations for 3M’s Corporate Contributions at the company’s headquarters, says the process takes the hassle out of placing their products in the hands of deserving, qualified schools and nonprofits all over the United States.
“Our divisions contact me when they have product to donate. I call NAEIR’s Corporate Relations Department and send samples or a list. The items get proposed to the Donation Review Committee, I get called back with approval and I take care of the paperwork on our end,” Novak said.
Since 1985, 3M has donated products such as tape, abrasives, computer accessories, cleaning supplies, insulation, and office supplies. All of these items have saved NAEIR’s member organizations money.
“We’re glad that NAEIR can help us find deserving homes for these products,” Novak added.
“Helping people is the main focus of 3M’s Corporate Contributions area. NAEIR, through its very diverse membership, helps us do that in an effective way.” 

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