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Friday, January 1, 2010


From the dental chair to the recall card to the filling for your cavity, Colwell Systems products may play a large but silent part in your next trip to the dentist.
Colwell’s product line includes recall cards, patient education materials, billing and insurance forms, patient record forms, filing cabinets, labels, and hygiene items.
Colwell Systems, based in Champaign, Illinois, is no exception when it comes to excess inventory problems. Marketing at Colwell comes up with a deactivation list of products that it wants to clear in six months. The questions is, what happens to that product?
Those items that Colwell designates have been donated to NAEIR, the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources, located in Galesburg, Illinois. NAEIR accepts donations of overstock, slow selling, and discontinued products and redistributes them to schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations nationwide. The companies, like Colwell Systems, that make a donation, earn an above cost federal income tax deduction that can be up to twice the cost of the goods.
The products that Colwell donates to NAEIR are typically discontinued items that have been updated or weeded out of the catalogs. Over the past 16 years, Colwell has donated such things as medical and dental forms, clinical supplies, office products, paper, envelopes, gift and houseware items, shelving, toys, and stickers.
Convenience and a nationwide distribution network are what keep Colwell coming back to NAEIR, according to Linda Heiser, Colwell’s Inventory Statistics Analyst, who coordinates product donations.
“Donating inventory through NAEIR makes it easier for us,” Heiser said. “Everyone here who is involved with it likes the way this relationship works.”
“Our Accounting Department likes it, too. We get the deduction, and after all these years, the process has become old hat for them,” Heiser added.
Heiser also says that it is gratifying to everyone at Colwell to see their products going to these worthwhile causes. Their items can help these organizations operate more smoothly and save them money as well.
To find out more about NAEIR and about becoming a donor, call NAEIR’s Corporate Relations Department at 1-800-562-0955 or go

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