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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gifts In Kind Donation is a way to Eliminate Excess Inventory

NAEIR offers a FREE service to eliminate excess inventory, clear warehouse space, avoid problems with liquidators, reduce storage costs, focus on more profitable products, and create a federal income tax deduction worth up to twice cost!
We can accept from one box to multiple truckloads of product. Your excess inventory donation may be the result underperforming SKUs, discontinued models, seconds, buybacks, returns, and any excess inventory you need to eliminate.
With limited resources, and a growing need for products, schools and nonprofits need your help.  We’re encouraging you to turn to NAEIR to donate your excess inventory.  These products are made available to 13,000 member schools and nonprofits that now, more than ever, are in dire need of product.
Inventory donations that are received by NAEIR, cannot be bartered, traded or sold and must be used for the care of the ill, needy and minors. 
To learn more about how NAEIR can be of benefit to your company, please call 1-800-562-0955, visit us on the web at  or send us an email at

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