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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pushing H.R. 2592 On a Visit to Our Nation's Capital

James Jones, Director of Public Affairs and I met recently with representatives of the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU). These included Dr. Gumecindo Salas, VP Of Government Relations, Laura Maristany, Executive Director of Legislative Affairs and Cesar E. Oyervidees-Cisneros, HNIP Associate Director.  After a discussion of H.R. 2592, a bill that provides tax relief to small businesses donating excess inventory to nonprofits, schools and churches, there appeared to be interest in how this legislation could benefit HACU’s membership of over 300 colleges and universities all of whom have sizable Hispanic constituencies. We also discussed NAEIR membership opportunities for HACU’s member colleges and universities along with the possibility of collaborating with them in the areas of public relations and marketing as well.  HACU’s 26th Annual Conference will be held in Washington, DC later this year, October 20th–22nd, 2012.
From left - Cruz Ramos, VP of Public Affairs, NAEIR,
Dr. Salas, VP of Government Relations, HACU,
Cesar Oyervides-Cisneros, HNIP Associate Director &
Laura Maristany, Executive Director of Legislative Affairs

Additionally, with regard to our continuing fine-tuning of our efforts in advancing the bill, we also devoted some time to how other groups may be in a position to help us. Besides individual members of Congress and their staffs, there are numerous caucuses.  Some of these represent interests that are directly or at least closely aligned with the health and well-being of charities, educational organizations and small business related groups.  There are of course also major organizations and associations whose missions dovetail nicely with a broad range of deserving groups that would stand to benefit if the bill were passed. 

During our time in DC we also met with staffers at Congressmen Schilling, Shock and Davis’ offices. We discussed how best to take advantage of the opportunity we now have as a result of the joint Schock & Schilling press conference on the bill, held Thursday, January 26th, at NAEIR’s Galesburg, IL facility. 

Robert C. Frederick, Legislative Director,
Congressman Bobby Schilling (R-IL17)

At a time when other issues seem to be taking up more of the spotlight, the Charitable Contribution Parity & Enhancement Act is not getting as much attention as we’d like.  Still, during these meetings we discussed the continuing need to build on and energize our support base. 

This would include NAEIR’s nonprofit and school membership as well as donor companies and many businesses that we speak with routinely but that have never donated. Many of the companies that have not previously donated inventory to NAEIR or any other charities for that matter, have no tax incentive to do so.  The inclusion of S Corps and other pass-throughs that would be realized with the passage of H.R. 2592 would extend the above-cost tax benefits to these small businesses, whereas at this time only C corporations are eligible.

A number of recommended approaches came up during our time in Washington, DC that we’ll want to put to good use in building our support base and generally advancing the progress of the bill. These include our getting other congressmen to sign on to the bill as co-sponsors, widening congressional support across state lines, and while we’re at it, striking a bi-partisan balance as much as possible.  We also need to identify congressional committees and caucuses whose interests are in line with tax relief for small businesses. 

Margie Almanza, Legislative Assistant,
Congressman Aaron Shock (R-IL18)
Passage of H.R. 2592 not only helps small businesses but also promotes and further ensures the continuation of the very important role that charities, schools and churches have in addressing the needs of the poor and underserved in our nation.

Dr. Jill Hunter-Williams, Legislative Director,
Congressman Danny K. David (D-IL7)

Help us to get the word out on the bill!  Contact your Representatives on Capitol Hill.  Go to  Registration is quick and easy.  Type in H.R. 2592 in the box on the upper right hand corner.  On the next webpage, please click "Support" and ask everyone you know to do the same.

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