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Thursday, May 17, 2012

NAEIR, Next Generation: A look at NAEIR’s new webpage

A little background
The new NAEIR logo
As some of you may know, NAEIR recently launched its new website (view it here).  After 12 years of the same webpage, it was finally decided to bring about a new era in NAEIR’s online presence. The new website includes significant updates and enhancements from the old one. For example, when it was first created, and for some time after, a “truck” icon was used for storing items on the webpage instead of the now ubiquitous shopping cart.

Now, along with the new website comes a new NAEIR logo and tagline.  The tagline which reads: “Empowering Generosity” was the result of serious reflection on NAEIR’s partnering relationships with its members and donors.  According to President Gary Smith, “we wanted to express in a concise manner, NAEIR’s role as a medium that helps both America’s companies and charitable organizations by serving as an efficient conduit for donations of excess, slow-moving inventory that will benefit millions of lives.” 

A screenshot of NAEIR's new website
So…what’s different?
At first glance, the new website offers up an attractive array of colors that make the page very aesthetically pleasing. There are lots of graphics that help illustrate what exactly NAEIR is, and this in tandem with the rich display of colors makes the website kind of fun! I can click on the Member tab and choose from a variety of options:  Should I take the membership quiz or read about member success stories? The same is true for the Donor tab. This ease of navigation and overall user-friendliness makes it a pleasure to use.  

New benefits and better features!
The new website also offers a variety of new functions.  For example, there is now a “shop NAEIR” section that allows anyone to view products that are currently available.  Previously, only Active Members had the ability to do this.  It is now also easier for Active Members to navigate on the new website so as to see what products are available to them in either the Big Book catalogue or the Best Values catalogue.  A product search on the new website can be conducted easily and efficiently.  Previously, if you typed in pen, for example, you might not get quite the results you’d want.  Now, when you type in pen  you get a targeted list of results in the Big Book, Best Values, Overstock, and Clearance sections of NAEIR. 

Just the beginning
A look at the homepage of NAEIR's
new website
This is really just the beginning of the new NAEIR website.  The website can and will be updated regularly and on an on-going basis. According to Bob Gilstrap, Vice President and CFO of NAEIR, “In the future, we plan to offer the capability for members to pay using a credit card.  Also, we are planning on developing a Member maintenance area where Members can independently manage their accounts.  They’ll be able to view requests that are in process as well as outstanding invoices, etc.”  

Be on the lookout for more and exciting updates to the NAEIR webpage.

If you're a business and would like to donate to NAEIR, or if you're a nonprofit, school or church and would like to learn more about the benefits of joining, please give us a call at (800)-562-0955.

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